Contact Lens Specialty Services

Opticians Dallas TXThanks to advances in optical technology, almost everyone can now wear contact lenses, regardless of the type or extent of their vision problems. That includes patients with astigmatism and those who need bifocal or multifocal lenses.

Dr.  Johnson is a leading contact lens specialist.  At a contact lens evaluation, Dr. Johnson will determine the best contact lens option for you.

Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

Made of a flexible plastic polymer, daily wear lenses are put in each morning and taken out each night. They rest in a cleaning solution while you sleep.

Extended Wear Soft Contact Lenses (Continuous Wear)

Extended wear soft contact lenses can be worn all the time, including while you sleep. Depending on whether you have 7-day (standard) or 30-day lenses. Extended wear lenses are made of soft silicone that retains moisture longer than daily wear contact lenses, thus allowing more oxygen to reach the eye.

Disposable Lenses

Disposable soft lenses are intended to be thrown out and replaced after you have worn them for a certain length of time. This makes them even easier to maintain than regular soft contact lenses. Many disposable lenses are designed for replacement each morning, every two weeks, or monthly. Daily wear disposables are worn during waking hours only, while extended wear disposables can be worn for longer periods.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP)

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses offer several benefits over soft lenses:

  • Correct a wider range of vision problems, including a high degree of astigmatism;
  • Provide sharper vision than most soft lenses;
  • Allow more oxygen to pass through to the eye;
  • Are more durable than soft lenses and do not need to be replaced as often, lasting as long as two or three years.

Since they are much harder than flexible contact lenses, RGP lenses may take some getting used to when you first start wearing them. Patients soon grow accustomed to the feel of gas-permeable lenses and are satisfied with the improvement in vision they offer without the need for glasses.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

These contact lenses feature the soft skirt of soft lenses as well as a breathable rigid center that offers the visual clarity of a "hard" lens, providing crisp vision even at night. For some patients, hybrid lenses eliminate many of the problems caused by other types of lenses, so patients no longer have to settle for inconsistent vision or discomfort.

Overnight Controlled Corneal/Vision Reshaping

(Precision Corneal Molding)

This is a nonsurgical alternative to refractive surgery that reshapes the cornea using custom-designed, rigid contact lenses that are worn at night. These lenses will flatten the cornea overnight, as needed for each individual patient, to provide improved vision throughout the day.

Patients can achieve clear vision with no need for glasses or contact lenses without having to undergo surgery. While results are only temporary, they can be effectively maintained by continuing to wear overnight contact lenses.

Overnight wear of cornea reshaping lenses is a proven technique approved by the FDA.

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal contact lenses are an advanced type of lenses ideal for patients suffering from presbyopia, a natural change to the eyes that occurs around the age of 40 and affects near vision.

These lenses are available in soft materials, rigid gas permeable, or silicone hydrogel material, which allows more oxygen to reach the cornea. There are also several vision correction options for these lenses, which may include alternating lenses (similar to bifocal glasses), concentric lenses (alternating circles of near and distance correction), or aspheric lenses (blended vision correction similar to progressive eyeglasses). The best type of lenses can vary depending on the preference and specific needs of the patient.

Colored Cosmetic Contact Lenses

These lenses change or enhance the appearance of your natural eye color. Many colored or decorative contact lenses can be made in a prescriptive form and therefore can correct your vision. They are regulated by the FDA, just like any other corrective contact lens.

Therapeutic/Prosthetic Contact Lenses

In addition to improving the cosmetic appearance of pupil and iris irregularities, these are used in the treatment of diseased or deformed corneas. A wide variety of lenses, including rigid gas permeable, cosmetic tinted or opaque soft lenses, and custom designs are used.

Scleral Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

These are large diameter gas permeable material contact lenses that fit over the cornea and extend onto the white of the eye which is known as the sclera. They are used to correct vision in a number of conditions, such as: Keratoconus, corneal trauma, post refractive surgical corneal issues and deformities, ocular surface disease, and severe dry eye.

Optical Services

Over 140 million people in the U.S. wear eyeglasses, and over 30 million wear contact lenses. Glasses and contact lenses improve vision by adjusting the way the eyes bend and focus light. Ideally, light rays are refracted (bent) as they pass through the cornea so that they focus on the retina in the back of the eye. In a healthy eye, this means that objects can be seen clearly. However, many people’s corneas have a shallow or steep curvature which causes light rays to focus in front of or behind the retina. Objects may then appear blurry at certain distances or at all distances.

Opticians Dallas TXGlasses and contact lenses correct these refractive errors. Prescriptions are measured for each eye so patients can enjoy optimal vision clarity, usually 20/20. Eyewear may be used for certain activities, such as reading for farsighted (hyperopic) patients and driving or watching television for nearsighted (myopic) patients, or may be worn at all times.

As part of our objective to fulfill all of your vision needs, we have conveniently located our eyewear dispensary within our office. Our certified opticians take pride in our ability to customize your prescription with the latest in optical lens design to optimize your vision in every situation. We offer special lens design options for computer users, office workers and students.

With hundreds of different frames in stock, you can choose from the newest fashion to designer frames. We have an array of choices to fit every budget. We are authorized providers for prescription lens manufacturers, which offer the most technologically superior lens products available today. We feature a variety of options in tints and coatings, including a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to minimize glare, ultraviolet blockers to protect your eye health and Polaroid sun lenses for the ultimate in comfort and vision while outdoors.

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